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Re: Jason's Workout Log

Hey Jason, ya I enjoy coming back here once in a while too. Brings back a lot of memories. There was a good couple years where this forum was hopping and we were all posting in each others logs.

I was following mainsite, then my own thing for a bit, then outlaw. Those were the days. There's almost a nostalgic sadness looking back at it; what a time it was. While some of my recent training years have seen me surpass old strength numbers from those days I have never come close to being as fit as I was.

It's been an insane year. One for the history books for sure.

Glad to hear you're keeping safe and that you found work; those are two luxuries not available to everyone these days. I've been lucky to have a really good job that's allowed me to never miss a day yet.

I just started a log on dan john's forum over at dave draper. There's a good little community there; lots of guys with 'life' happening, not just gym stuff. It's a very moderate approach to fitness and health.

Long gone are the days of high intensity training. Sometimes I wonder if I broke something in myself from all those years of pushing. I've tried a few times to get back into crossfit in some form but burnout comes really quickly after. But... it's still fun to look back on. We sure had some fun!
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