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Re: is fruit mandatory on paleo?

"Mitch sat in my office, looking much the same as he had on prior visits.

At 5 ft 7 inches, he weighed a comfortable 159 lb, though he did have a small visible “paunch” above his beltline. "


But I would tend to think, with the metabolic pathways that fructose takes, limiting fruit to a "normal" levels would be wise. 3 or 4 pieces of fruit probably have about 10-30g of fructose a day depending on the fruit selection. This compared to 40-50 grams per giant soda is a vastly different scenario than what the human body is setup to handle.

In the end fruit is good. Eating nothing but fruit probably isn't. Eating no fruit is probably fine as well so long as you are getting a large amount and large variety of nutrient dense veggies.
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