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Originally Posted by Ryan Shewchuk View Post
Anyone from Saskatoon here who doesn't go to an affiliate(it costs too much money for me, as I have three children)? I am looking for people to train with outdoors or Field House or at Fitness for Ten. Would be nice to to get together and to two or three metcons on a Sat. or even just train during the week. I have some equipment, 50 ft rope, rings, bands, kettlebells up to 40kg, weight vest, two small drag sleds and small barbell set up to 250 lbs exercise plates. My background is in strength, I competed in strongman, and I am the 2000 Junior Canadian weightlifting champion. I have my level one Crossfit cert. I would like to train with someone who can push me in my weaknesses, namely over ten minute area and running.

Hey dude, most of my training is in my basement gym, but we do some event stuff on weekends. I have a boatload of equipment and we might start training at Crockers...he just moved to an acreage with a heated shop. I train at odd times like after my little ones go to sleep at night. But I would be up for a few sessions on weekends here and there.

Cory Borolien (I think that's spelt right) has some sweet CF equipment and he is just out of town on an acreage. Try to PM him on here if you can find his name. (He and I actually have a mutual friend that I used to work with, but I've never met him in person).

There aren't a lot of S'toon people on here.....but if anyone out there wants to train, Ryan is the guy to help you out and have some fun training! Super knowledgeable, knows his stuff and is one strong mofo.

I'll keep in touch...I'm heading on a vacation but will be back in a couple weeks...

EDIT: Check out this thread... wfs

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