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Ben Mallard
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Let preface by saying that I have been doing CF since May, and I have exceeded the goals once set for myself. I have lost over 15lbs and my stamina is through the roof.
Latley my schedule has been:
5:00 - MRP drink
6:00 - WOD
6:30 - BJJ
However, recently my gym has changed the BJJ class to 7:30 - 9:00. I live pretty far away from my gym and havent been geeting home until about 9:45. I have gotten myself used to eating about every 2 hours. The trouble I am having is by this time my 5:00 snack is lond depleated and I am starving, and honestly don't really feel like cooking up an ideal zone dinner.
At this point am I being counter productive eating so late? Also any ideas on how I could tweak my diet around my new schedule would be helpful.
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