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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

Originally Posted by Justin McCallon View Post
I really doubt they can proficiently perform pull-ups, muscle-ups, double unders, snatches, overhead squats, rope climbs, burpees, kettlebell swings, etc. without some training).
Agree with you on the muscle-ups and double unders. I disagree on everything else, since they're not very skill-based.

Originally Posted by Justin McCallon View Post
Most of them probably also aren't overly familiar with some lifts like the snatch that aren't really necessary when they can do other lifts.
Um, I disagree. Most track athletes are trained in the clean and jerk and the snatch, as evidenced by their numbers. Technique is probably not better than a competitive weightlifter but most likely as good as a Crossfitter.

Originally Posted by Justin McCallon View Post
This all said, here was a quote from Bryan Clay from another thread:
"My lifts are not that spectacular. I weigh about 180lbs, my bench is 355lbs, my full cleans are 335lbs, and my squat is around 580lbs." (His PR is about a 5 minute mile, but that's his worst event IIRC ... 4:38 1500m)
I was expecting Bryan to be pretty average on the strength stuff, and he's up there with the strongest CFers. But, I think we have guys that run a 5 minute mile and have similar lifts (maybe our top few guys train him by 10% or so in one or the other).
Right now there is no one in the Crossfit Games who can put up numbers like that.

His back squat and bench press would rank him first among the Games competitors, I think. And I think his clean would rank him second, behind Josh Everett.

I think there's only a handful of Games competitors who can approach a 5:00 mile: Chris Spealler, James Fitzgerald, maybe Mikko Salo or Josh Everett but I'm not sure.

So if the CrossFit Games consisted of strength, power, and running endurance alone, Bryan Clay would clean house without any training. So yeah, I think with a few months of focused training he could finish among the top at the CF Games.
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