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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

Good viewpoints so far. If pressed, I think decathletes would pick up CrossFit movemnets faster than a crossfitter would get good at the decathlon. As someone pointed out the nuances of the throws and the hurdles and esp the pole vault have a higher learning curve than a KBS or a HSPU.

That said, I think the decathletes would fall short of top ten CF games finish even with a month of training, struggling most with something like a high rep, moderate weight couplet or single event. A FRAN or a GRACE type of 3-10 minute all out effort that NOT running-centric. Unless I'm forgetting an event, all the decathlon events are pretty short burst except for the mile run. So their training, to the best of my knowledge, wouldnt take them into the extremes of the glycolitic pathway very often.

I could easily be very wrong. Would be interested in hearing what form decathlon training, or maybe more accurately decathlon metabolic conditioning takes.
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