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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

My pure conjecture:

Originally Posted by Brock Wilson View Post
How would a world class decathlete do if he/she were dropped into the CrossFit Games with no CF specific traning? How would they do after a month of focused training?
With no training, unlikely they would finish in the top 50%.
With one month training, maybe top 50%, definitely not top 5 finishers.

Originally Posted by Brock Wilson View Post
Conversely, how would an elite level (top 10 at the games, say) CrossFitter do in the decathlon (heptahlon for women)? How would they do with 1 month of specific training?
With no training, abyssmal.
With 1 month training, still pretty abyssmal. Except for Josh Everett.

Originally Posted by Brock Wilson View Post
3rd-If you were devising a competition to test the CrossFitter vs the decathlete, what might YOU include as events that wouldnt bias one way or the other?
I posted this in this thread: (wfs). I think it's a pretty good 2-day test of fitness and haven't seen any one that I think is better (but I'm open to ideas).

Day 1:

Back squat
Secret Service Snatch Test
10k run

Day 2:

100m dash
Clean and jerk
Strict pullups with 10kg
Triathlon: 1000m row, 200m swim, 1000m run

Originally Posted by Brock Wilson View Post
Lastly, is this a fair assumption? If you think a decathlete would do better at the CF Games than a CrossFitter would in the decathlon, does that mean you think an athlete can acquire a high level of fitness faster than someone extraoridnarily fit can acquire athleticism?
No, it's just because the decathlon is very much skill-based whereas the Crossfit games is not. Learning to throw and jump properly takes quite a bit of skill, whereas the basic Crossfit movements do not. Even things like the muscle-up and the handstand pushup can be learned fairly quickly, and all track athletes are familiar with Olympic and power lifts anyway. On the other hand, learning throwing or jumping events takes a long time.

Originally Posted by Emerson Hoff View Post
I'd go a step farther and say that many elite athletes, if given a month or two to learn some of the more esoteric crossfit movements (muscle ups, barbell complexes, etc) would CRUSH the current games competition. I don't think it's ridiculous to assume that the likes of Reggie Bush, who has a 400lb bench press, a 500 lb squat, and can run 40 meters in 4.33 would need minimal training in order to have elite times on just about any crossfit work out. I think the same can be said for elite athletes in a wide variety of sports. This is not to say that elite Crossfitters are slouches, but elite professional atheletes in many cases are just on a totally different level.
Maybe more than a month, more like six months, but I agree.
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