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CrossFitters vs Decathletes

This train of though was provoked by a comment in the "Matchups to watch" section of the CrossFit Games preview page. I think its on the SPEAL v ORLANDO installment.

Anway, someone says words to the effect of "Brian Clay would win the games if he were in it." Brian Clay being an Olympic level decathlete. So purely in the interest of healthy debate, what do you all think about the following questions:

How would a world class decathlete do if he/she were dropped into the CrossFit Games with no CF specific traning? How would they do after a month of focused training?

Conversely, how would an elite level (top 10 at the games, say) CrossFitter do in the decathlon (heptahlon for women)? How would they do with 1 month of specific training?

3rd-If you were devising a competition to test the CrossFitter vs the decathlete, what might YOU include as events that wouldnt bias one way or the other?

Lastly, is this a fair assumption? If you think a decathlete would do better at the CF Games than a CrossFitter would in the decathlon, does that mean you think an athlete can acquire a high level of fitness faster than someone extraoridnarily fit can acquire athleticism?

Very interested in input from the community.
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