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Glenn Pendlay
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watch and compare...

If anyone would like to compare their form with someone lifting weights close ro the american records... check this out

watch the video, this is one of my lifters hitting a 170kg snatch (374lbs) which is only 4lbs under the american record. He hit this yesterday, after a "light" week which still contained 4 sessions of maximal lifts on the snatch and clean and jerk, and of course, squat.

FYI, he attempted 175kg which is about 6lbs above the american record, after this, and caught it on straight arms and lost it behind him.

I am posting this here because it was done in what seen live and in full speed, seemed like good form to me. i was happy with this lift. compare and i hope it helps someone to see this. this is what you want to look like when you snatch.

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