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Re: Did a no-no at Planet Fitness

Did a check of there rules, here is what I found:
* An alarm (referred to as the "lunk alarm") is set off when individuals drop weights or "grunt" when lifting.
* The banning of grunting, swearing and psyching-up rituals.
* No cell phone use on the gym floor.
* The banning of excessive noise from bar drops etc. e.g. Olympic lifts.
* The restriction of dumbbell weights to a maximum of 80 pounds
* No squat racks
* The banning of chalk, often used for heavy lifts such as deadlifts.
* No jeans, bandannas, do rags or skullcaps.
* Must wipe down equipment after each use.
* No gawking at women and making them feel uncomfortable or trying to pick them up.
* Short or revealing attire for men or women is banned.
* References to sexual orientation or any other offensive conversation is prohibited.
* No lewd acts or public affection on the premises.

Funny thing is I've seen people chatting away on cell phones while using equipment in there.
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