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Re: Pull-ups hate me

The 13 were strict pullups, and it probably has gone up since the last time I took the PFT.

I had started recon ron, but stopped and just did WOD along with the CF warm up. Which as you know has worked very well. I started around 6-7 strict pullups and got to 13 pretty quickly. I didnt know if there were any WOD I could do today just to help focus a little more on building the muscles necessary for pullups. Figured it was a rest day so it might be a good time to experiment.

Andrew, the pullup workout is a little too extreme for me at the moment since that workout is 2 pullups more each round than i can even do in my max effort. should I scale down. Also i have never done kipping and have a cheap door overhand bar so that prob wouldnt be sufficient for kippings.

Thanks again guys.
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