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Re: No Grains/No Sugars Support Group!!

Shawn, can you copy me on those guidlines?

sounds good everyone, 0 sugar yesterday & today so far.
0 sugar
0 grains

thats my current goal. 0 sugar. The grains will be very minimal, Only with family dinners. (maybe 2-3 week otherwise 0 grain dinners)

0 grains while alone or making my own meals.

snacking on nuts & raw peanut butter today, but counting blocks so I dont put down 40-50 blocks of fat. I think I will go about 1-1/2x fat blocks daily.
I'm dialing in what I think will work for long term. 0 sugar, min. grains & stop eating kids snacks, & keep an eye on fat.

maybe taking it all on at once is too much???? but I do know that when you quit ALL sugar, grains & artificial sweeteners the cravings will go away much faster. but this month will be 0 sugar.(notice how I keep typing that LOL)

0 sugar

I will ramble on more later & try to gather & organize my thoughts. But for now 0 sugar, min. grains, 0 junk
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