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Re: No Grains/No Sugars Support Group!!

Originally Posted by Melissa Byers View Post
I agree, Amber. If I think in absolutes, or too long-term, it gets overwhelming (and I'd be more likely to throw in the towel right then and there).

There's a difference between "I would like to eat some ice cream" and "I'm bored and craving something so I guess I'll eat some ice cream". And you know the difference... so the key is finding something to get you past those "I'm bored/I'm tired/I'm upset..." moments. Here is a trick I use pretty often - I tell myself, "I just won't have any today, but I can have some tomorrow". Thinking that I only have to hang tough for one day makes it easier to put it off, and chances are by tomorrow, I won't feel the need to give in to the craving any more.

I do this with lots of things - like days when I feel like getting lazy with my workout. I tell myself, "I'll hit it 100% hard today, but tomorrow I can throw in an easy day." And then I go all out, and feel better for it, and the next day I'm right back on track.

Keep up the good work, everyone.
Thanks, Melissa....someone understands.

It is almost time for my day to end, and I have had a significant amount less of sugars/grains today than in the last month. 2 dove chocolates, an Odwalla bar and the teeniest piece of cheesecake that I split with co-worker. I ate the Odwalla bar because I was so excited to see them at the coffee shop, I bought several, but then remembered that I actually prefer the nut based bars to the regular oats based I gave most of them to my co-worker. Ate a lot of nuts today to keep from going on a candy hunt. Passed up the reeses pb cups while in line at the exchange. Of course it helped that Sunday is ribs day and the ribs are awesome! No room for chocolate when tasty meat is available.

p.s. Said co-worker is sometimes called "walking, talking Oxygen magazine" and she's awesome for it, but now I have to bring her over to the "yellow-side" of egg she was shocked to see me eating the yolks today!
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