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Re: No Grains/No Sugars Support Group!!

Originally Posted by Jack Gayton View Post
I drink a couple times a week, but generally set a limit at 2 beers or glasses of wine. Anything beyond that and I get a diminishing return on investment. I used to drink more often but a couple rounds of "Murph" w/ a hangover will learn you pretty quick!

In the past I've tried to go to extremes w/ this 30 day challenge. I make grand statements

"No coffee"
"No dairy"
"No beer"

It just become too much. Coffee is a simple pleasure I'm not ready to give up. Dairy has never bothered me and it's a relatively cheap source of fuel (especially when you are following a mostly paleo diet). And frankly, a Friday night wouldn't be quite the same w/o a ice cold beer.

I figure I'll start w/ the sugar and grains, then re-evaluate.
Well, at day #3, I can tell you we probably will put beer back in, but only on the weekend, and only a couple at a time. (that doesn't mean one in each hand)

I didn't give up coffee or dairy. I'm cutting back my dairy, really only getting cottage cheese and some cream in the coffee. Hardly ever drink milk anymore unless it's in a shake, and we haven't been having many of those lately either.

Sad news to report this morning though: I ran out of eggs, and it's breakfast time.
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