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Re: JC's Crossfit & Zone Log

Alright buddy, I'm here.

I read through your log and judging by your goals maybe a Hybrid should be put on hold for while. If you really want to lose 30 pounds and lean out, I wouldn't recommend doing a Hybrid at the moment. I would say get down to a comfortable weight and BF% then go for a Strength/Gymnastic based Hybrid to bring up strength levels.

That's what I did anyway. I did CF mainsite WOD's for about 5 months. Lost over 30 lbs, leaned out and was really happy. But then I decided to get really strong and powerful. So that meant switching up my programming. Strength/Power based training with Gymnastics thrown in, all while maintaining minimal bodyfat. That is the best way to go, in my opinion.

Of course a Hybrid would still kick ***, I just don't know if it would be conducive with your goals at the moment. If you think you still want to rock it then just tell me and we'll come up with bad *** program for you.

Keep up the good work
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