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Re: goals and elite fitness vs. elite athletes


Definitely. I was mainly talking about sports that bias towards one as you can tell, but thanks for bringing up that point (which goes along with the one Brian did as well about decathletes).


I agree to an extent.

What I specifically was disagreeing with is that people were specifying CrossFit as "metcons" to "build a good conditioning base" are totally wrong in their suggestions. I wouldn't want them training me as a sprinter. Also CF as stated in "What is Fitness" also will disagree with you on this point.

CF as a black box where you can pick and choose parts that will help towards a power bias definitely are good (and this is what CF/Glassman is tending towards now), but nothing to 'endurance-esque' lest you start building type I fibers + oxidative enzyme profiles. In this case you are correct, BUT I think the majority of everyone views CF as the above paragraph so I would have to say no in a general sense.
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