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Re: goals and elite fitness vs. elite athletes

Great point Larry, you took the words right out of my mouth. There are truly ELITE athletes utilizing crossfit type workouts in their regimen. The examples you provided, MMA, boxing and even martial artists just to name a few have adopted metcon style workouts coupled with heavy one-rep max lifting as well as explosive movements either with weight or by doing bodyweight plyometrics and the like. The MMA fighter Sean Shirk is a prime example. Ross Enamait, the found of is another example of atheltes (who are elite) that use this type of all around training. Yes, Lance Armstrong would beat any crossfit athlete in a bike race, plain and simple. But that is only one event. Elite crossfit athletes and probably even some non-elite ones would dominate Lance in multiple even hundreds of other events, exercises, movements or what have you.
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