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Re: goals and elite fitness vs. elite athletes

Great post Steven. Very clear analysis. This brings a related question to mind though. From what I understand about how the neuromuscular system works, the ultimate force that a muscle can generate is to an extent dependent upon the stability of the joint that it crosses. This is a protective mechanism established by the CNS designed to prevent injury by way of too much force generated by a prime mover across an unstable joint. The muscles that stabilize joints will primarily be made up of Type 1 fibers. As such, they will not necessarily respond to the same stimulus as Type II. Therefore, in order to optimally strengthen the joint stabilizers, Type I stimulus needs to be incorporated into a training program. The stronger the joint stabilizers, the more stable the joint, the more force the CNS will allow the surrounding primary movers to generate.

By this logic, it would seem to make sense to incorporate at least some type of endurance/stability work into even the most specialized power athletes programs. And not in the sense of energy system work, but rather resistance training.

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