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Re: goals and elite fitness vs. elite athletes

The only elite/high end level athletes that ought to be using general Crossfit are decathletes because their training and competition covers a broad spectrum. Crossfit will make you good at most things in general, and that's what a great decathlete needs to be: good at all his events; no decathlete performs at elite levels in all his events. There are elite decathletes that perform at a HS level in many of their events.

If an elite 100m sprinter wants to do Crossfit, he will have to focus on the more power-biased WODs and create WODs with short distance sprints in most if not all of them. Fran could be changed to have subbed 210m-150m-90m sprints instead of thrusters. The only time an elite athlete doesn't use specific training is when he/she is taking a day off.
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