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Re: Mike's Mad Log


Mobility and Strength
6 Minutes UBE, 3 forward and 3 backward
Lat Stretches on physioball
10- Ten second hold Ys and Ts
Wall Walks
30 Rebounders
2 x15 each D1/D2, yellow band
60 Inclined Hand Taps
30 Inclined Push Ups

Conditioning 30 minutes of HIIT

10 Squat Thrusts
14 Crush Grip Goblet Squats 25#
20 C&P
14 Goblet Lunges
7 Pike Push Ups
10 Squat Jumps

26ish minutes.....Busy coaching and training the class.


Went to the gym on base to do some lifting. Opted for machine weights versus free because I don't know how much I've actually lost.
Wide Grip Chest Press
10x 40#
10x 70
10x 90

Incline Chest Press
3x10 90#

Seated Flyes
3x 10 40#

Vertical Chest Press
10x 70#
10x 110
10x 140

Mobility Used the following to get some stretching in on my shoulders and back. (WSF)

Conditioning 30 minutes of interval training
Male/48/6'1"/205 lbs
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