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Re: Redefining the relationship between Power and Intensity

Originally Posted by Steven Wingo View Post
The question I would have is how would changing the currently used definitions within CrossFit be useful for me as an athlete and coach?

We are training athletes, training ourselves, trying to educate our athletes/members, and measuring their performance and progress. The current definitions seem pretty useful to me.

How would complicating the discussion improve the utility of the current analysis for us as coaches?
My two cents is that I have always believed education should always relay the current, most accepted ideas/theories etc. Terminology should be correctly used to the degree possible so that the individual being trained can then take that information and use it to learn more useful information on their own etc. In other words, I want to give my pupils the tools they need to learn and to expand their knowledge.

I don't think noting the differentiation and relationship between intensity and power is over complicating matters. The correct answer in this case is fairly simple and explained in a few sentences. What you might be noting is the convolution of answers in this thread and the attempt to overly complicate matters with verbiage.
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