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Re: Custom jump rope question

I actually did this with some bare wire from the local hardware store. Used a couple of set-screw collars to hold each end. It worked well. The whips were a bit more intense but the weight etc was great. (I did two, one really heavy and one light. Totally different experiences and was interesting to try).
The only main problem was the ends - where the wire would unravel. Those little ends were sharp (I ended up crimping them over) but they'd also catch anything cloth in my bag.
So, short story made longer. What you plan on doing is definitely possible and would work. You have a multitude of options and can experiment to your heart's content - the only roadblock would be the size of wire and the hole it goes through in the handle.

Search set-screw collar for the hardware needed. The other nonadjustable end is called a cable-crimp. I don't recall where I got mine from. It may have been at the same hardware store - I recall them going through a bunch of tiny drawers for me. I now have a little bag of them.
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