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Re: Coaches Sleeping With Coaches/Clients -- How to Handle?

Originally Posted by Jeff Enge View Post
Seems simple to me, let's phrase it this way: Would any of those behaviors be at all acceptable at a "normal" job?
+ 1

I would also add that these coaches should be signing employement contracts with something covering the issue of bringing your business into disripute. I don't understand the US legal system nor do i pretend to but go and see your lawyer and see if you have legal grounds to terminate based on this.

I wouldn't worry too much aout their feelings or not having them singled out I am sorry but as a business owner myself I would fire my brother for doing something like this. Co-worker/co-worker is bad enough but coach/client that is messed up fire them ASAP and make an example of them in the next staff meeting after they're gone. You aren't there to please people you're there to make a profit and have members feeling comfortable.
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