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Re: Coaches Sleeping With Coaches/Clients -- How to Handle?


In my humble opinion, that is absolutely unacceptable behavior. Fraternization between coaches can be bad for business (what happens when they break up?) but fraternization between coaches and clients becomes TERRIBLE for business. It will not take long for word to get around town that your place is the love shack. If I were in your shoes, I would warn coaches when I hired them that if they slept with any clients, they would be fired and then follow through immediately if anyone violated it. The only exception would be if they have a relationship with the client previous to the client joining the box. That sort of behavior leads to favoritism which alienates everyone else in the class and can lead to sub-standard coaching. When the relationship goes sour, it also forces people to pick sides which is also bad for business.

At some point in the past, one of my fellow coaches always devoted a majority of their time (during class but even more so before & after class) towards the attractive customers. I CONSTANTLY had other clients complaining to me about it. I guess this is just my opinion, but allowing that type of behavior could cause your clients to call into question the integrity of your program and that is the LAST thing you would want as a small business owner.

If I were in your shoes, I would have a big coaches meeting and announce that you were establishing a policy on fraternization. Coaches are coaches, and clients are clients. CrossFit is a community but this is your business, your reputation, and your livelihood. Coach’s private lives are private but when it bleeds over and affects the climate of the business, it becomes the owner’s/manager’s business. To that end, the coaches are not allowed to pursue anything other than professional relationships with YOUR clients (remember, these are YOUR clients). Anyone caught violating this policy will be fired. If the coaches don't respect you enough to protect your business and treat your clients professionally, then they don't deserve a pay check.

Other than that, I don't have any strong feelings on the matter.
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