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Coaches Sleeping With Coaches/Clients -- How to Handle?

Greetings Everyone!

At our gym we have a growing issue of coaches sleeping with (married) other coaches, and one (male) coach in particular pursuing just about every female member (married or not) who enters the gym. We also have a female (married) coach who has repeatedly made poor choices at gym social functions (trying to kiss male members, fondling, etc) when alcohol is involved.

While we are not interested in policing people's personal lives, the behaviors of these coaches is becoming problematic. A few members have privately expressed concerns and we have a growing fear that the infidelity issues will "blow-up" in a public way in the future (we have lost members in the past due to an infidelity issue between clients so we're sensitive to this).

Couple questions:

1) Does anyone have their coaches sign a Code of Conduct or similar contract before working at the gym? If so, does it address behavior like dating clients, etc?

2) Has anyone else had similar experiences with coaches/coaches or coaches/clients in romantic relationships which created a negative environment in the gym? If so, how did you deal with it?

3) Any advice on to handle this matter delicately -- we don't want coaches feeling singled-out or that we are trying to impose morality standards on them. On the other hand, we run a professional facility, not a meat market.

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