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Re: 2014 Open Training

July 7, 2013

Snatch Max single plus doubles
VIDEO (First rep power up to 196)
barx10 136lbsx3x2 156x2x2 171x2 186x2 196x2 206x1 216x1 221x0x3 All close misses 198x2 201x2 203x1 (Two misses at second rep)

Wore my old reebok lifting shoes, felt good. Upper back was a little soft otherwise I could have had more.

Cleans off Blocks just above the knee VIDEO
136lbsx3x3 186x2x2 206x2 226x1 246x1 261x1 271x1 281x0x2 (Got pinned on the first rep, PR attempt) 256lbsx2 261x2 (PR double) 266x1 (tore finger so left it there)

Felt awkward but pretty happy with how I did.

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