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Re: CrossFit Dating

Originally Posted by Joss Brown View Post
My beautiful girlfriend has just started CrossFit, but we've made an agreement not to do it together just yet because we think we'd find it weird.

But, bonus on that one.

One day... I commented on a picture of a pizza that had the caption something along the lines of it being his "Cheat meal". I know very FEW people in my town that are on the Paleo diet. So naturally I found this amazing. I could finally relate. We went out and are dating now. At the time I was doing a boot camp and absolutely loved going.. I looked forward to working out because it was fun. Well... he talked me into coming to crossfit. Every day we do crossfit together... and while I get frustrated when I physically can't do myself... it's nice having him there. It was only weird at first because I wasn't comfortable in a gym with weights-given I've never really done any real weight lifting. He gives me tips... and sometimes.. just knowing he's there... is my motivation to not stop when I'm whooped.
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