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Ok, I think that was my first Diane yesterday but definitely not the first time doing DL's under the CrossFit regimen. Two years ago when I first started to learn DL's on my own from "Power to the People", I got sloppy on the form and messed up my back, couldn't walk, heard funny noises, felt sharp, shooting asymmetrical pain that created the sensation of an elevator having it's cable cut. Then this past summer I trained at CF North with Nick & Dave and all the gang learning correct technique. So two weeks ago hit a PR in the DL at 290 lbs and then yesterday did OK with Diane. Today my lower back has a, shall we say, deep but mild symmetrical ache and still feels as if it wants to contract in order to maintain that lodortic arch, plus I don't feel very mobile and I definitely feel tired. Better? Normal? Recomended stretches?
Nick, if you see this, (or anyone else) I'm also wondering what the effect of all this core strengthening might be on my diaphramic "voice work" ala Acting voice work like Alexander? My voice is my platinum card but I love CrossFit, so I want to find a way that works for both.
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