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Months of reading, ready for my first post!

Well after months of reading, and reading and reading I am reading to dive in.
I have been at CF for about a year. I just became a federal firefighter here in North Carolina and I am now a new member of a CF gym which is awsome!

I am wanting to get my diet on track and I plan on doing that thru a paleo/zone diet. First I am working on getting my block correct. I know there are about a ton of calculators to find it.

I weight 200 lbs, 69 inchs, 37in waist "around navel" 7" wrist. My lil caliper shows about 18%... I am guessing here but most the calculations I find show me in the 17 to 19 block group. First question I comming up with the correct number of blocks? I CF 6 times a week and spend about 6 to 8 hours of climbing or MMA on top of that per week.

My second question/issue is I work 24 on 24 hours off so I have to carry 24 hours worth of food with me. As a 19 block male that is 5,5,2,5,2. Since I workout in the evening, shower, eat then sleep I was going to change that to 5,2,5,2,5 so I can eat my largest meal and go to sleep. Make sense? I bought the 42 ways to skin the zone and I am thinking on dropping 1 or 2 carb blocks and adding the appropriate amount of fat as I can't seem to down that much veggies or carry that much food. I was reading my nutrition fact on my protein powder and I would like to use it with some nuts for my 2 block snacks. Basically one scoop provides the correct amount or protein and fat but lacks in carbs which I would supplement with the adjusted amount of fat.

I know it's a lot and I already appreciate all the posts that have gotten me this far. I am trying to make a diet the works for me and my needs. I am wanting to lean down and maintain or add lean muscle mass which I figure now is currently about "200lbs 18%bf= 164lbs Lean Muscle. Many thanks in advance! Ben
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