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Re: Not sure where to put this but I had a wild idea

Originally Posted by Christopher G. Woods View Post
While I agree that a CrossFit "Para-Games" (or whatever you want to call it) is an excellent and noble idea, I do think there would be some complications if you wanted to do something that was in the traditional CrossFit Games fashion.

In the Paralympics (often confused with the Special Olympics), as with the regular Olympics, competition is broken into individual events. This allows athletes to compete only in events for which their particular physical impairment is not a hindrance. Certain events, such as wheelchair events, are even specific to athletes of a particular common impairment.

In a format such as the Games, where all athletes compete in a series of varied events, it would be difficult to program multiple events that would be both accessible and challenging to a wheelchair bound athlete, an athlete with cerebral palsy and an athlete such as Kendra, just for example.

You could do a competition where each event is independent of the others, but I think you may lose the CrossFit spirit of testing over "broad time and modal domains". The other option would be to do a traditional Games format, but break the athletes into different divisions based upon their particular abilities. The one problem I think you might have early on is getting enough athletes to fill out your divisions, but I definitely think it could be brought to HQ as something they might consider doing (at least as an exhibition) as part of future Games events.
You make a couple of excellent points. I haven't thought about how competition formatting would go. I also just assumed that there are a lot of crossfitters out there with some sort of significant physical limitation but collectively we just haven't found a method of organizing. I guess the first step would be to find each other and generate enough interest and participation in this to drive it forward. I, for one, am totally down for this.
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