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Re: Gillian Mounsey Article

Originally Posted by Justin Z. Smith View Post
Some of it may be beneficial of course, but applying science helps determine more of what is beneficial.

If they have $ and time and resources, I'd be interested in seeing some studies of methods that help create the fittest on the Earth.
I think the problem that many of us have with the exercise physiology world is that they are always behind the power curve and far too people demand peer-reviewed backing of stuff before they believe that it can possibly be true. Elite coaches have known this to be true for decades: they come up with methods that work and THEN the studies are done to back things up.

I openly admit that CrossFit holds other organizations to a standard that it, to date, has not met. So please let's not go down that rabbit hole. I am merely pointing out that anyone who waits for the science will ALWAYS be behind the power curve. This is where empirical evidence and n=1 scenarios are most critical to a coach. Figure out what works for your athletes, and discard the rest...the the scientists tell you why it works later.

It's super early and I've gotta get ready for work, so I apologize if my thought process isn't quite up to par on this post.

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