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Re: Charles Poliquin on Crossfit

Here's the basic problem. First, you are either trolling or defending Poliquin because he's your hero. I really don't care which.

Second, I want to be a part of a program where people like Kallista Pappas, Jason Khalipa, and Josh Everett (with severely torn hands) gut it out through a demanding workout like that. CrossFit is 90% mental. The other half is physical.

Finally, the basic problem Poliquin has is that he doesn't understand what we do. Let's say you go up to him and say "Oh Guruji, these CrossFit people are having a competition. I want you to prepare me for it." He will say, "OK, what are the events?" You will respond "Oh Master, I don't know. They won't tell you until a few days before." He will respond "How can you possibly prepare if you don't know the events? Specific adaptation to imposed demands and all that."

The answer, of course, is CrossFit. And if the Master had prepared you for the last games without doing high rep squat clean and jerks, you would have embarassed yourself.

This is the difference between what he does and what we do.

Frankly, I could care less about your concerns. You're standing on the sidelines while the rest of us are doing. If you want to wet your pants every time you think about doing something somebody says is dangerous, then you are not in the right place with the right group. As far as I can see, there is no sound purpose for continuing this discussion other than to annoy people, or do what you can to diminish CrossFit.

Either way, I'm done commenting on this thread.