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Re: Paleo recipe affiliate

Hey Jeff, sorry for the slow reply.

The sign up for the free recipes is a pop-up window which unfortunately gets blocked if your browser doesn't support javascript or allows pop-ups a lot of the time. I generally found this problem happened when using IE. Maybe allow pop-ups or try using firefox. If you still have any problems let me know I'm happy to email them over to you

Unfortunately there isn't much i can do about it as I'm using Aweber which sends out the emails on auto-responder, and thats just the code thats generated for me to use.

In addition, if any of your clients are un-able to subscribe due to not being able to view the pop-up, tell them to shoot me an e-mail as I'm happy to send the recipes to them.

Thanks for putting the link on your site Kris I've noticed a few sales have been generated through affiliates lately which is good, i hope it continues to benefit CF affiliates in this way.

By the way, i didn't mention in my previous post but for anyone interested, 50% commissions is around $21.70 for a $49 sale and $12.90 for a $29 sale
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