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Hi again, just got home from Training two clients. One new client, I have to re-introduce balance, and Core stability with CF involved and my veteran client is doing WOD's and some of my own WOD's that I've cooked for her.

She drinks her KoolAid COLD and loves it!!! She asked me a question:

What do my peers think about CF?

Well, I've had nothing but some bashing just like it's been posted everywhere else and I won't get into it here. The thing that upsets me is that the rest of the trainers listen to those that bash and they take no effort to learn anything new about CF to benefit them at all.

My other clients LOVE CF and they way I've introduced it to them. (Confession: I've been doing this type of workout with them for 3+ years) prior to me finding CF. Man, am I very Happy to have The CF Staff stand behind their product with SOLID results and Solid Backing from the Community.

I'm in GREAT company, Thanks Coach, Trainers, Volunteers and Community.

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