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Re: The always slow class

How many members do you have and how many classes do you run a day? I've been in your shoes. I used to run a 7:15pm class Monday-Friday, two classes on Saturday, and Open Gym on Sunday. I would get upset because I'd get 3 people if I was lucky at the 7:15pm class. I'd also get a few people at my early Saturday class and a few at my later Saturday class. No one came to Open Gym. I eliminated classes in stages. First, I got rid of Open Gym. Then, I got rid of my early Saturday class. Third, got rid of my Friday 7:15pm class. Fourth, got rid of my Tuesday/Thursday 7:15pm class. Lastly, I got rid of my 7:15 Monday/Wednesday.

Because I gave my members too many choices, a lot of my class had low attendance. By eliminating some, it forced more people into classes (which is what I wanted). Instead of having 5 at 6:00pm and 3 at 7:15pm, I had 8 at 6pm. Every time I eliminated a class, I got more of a sense of freedom and control over my gym.

Moral of my story - Eliminate classes that aren't regularly attended.

P.S. NEVER keep a class or start a class because one or a few people say they are going to attend it. They will come for a bit and then stop coming. Stick to your guns.
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