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Re: The always slow class

Probably tons of options. Here's the options I can think of:

- Kill it
- Turn it into Open Gym
- Turn it into a specialty class. Maybe endurance, lifting, strength, mom's class, bring the kids, circuits, team wod, bring a friend, something else that you can add value to your members or open to other people in the neighborhood.
- Kill your 3-day a week membership. Keep it at punch card and unlimited. No sense adding complexity to your membership and the lack of participating "3-day" members will affect existing "unlimited" members
- Perhaps open up your 3-day'ers into unlimited for 2 months to see any or demonstrate changes in motivation and performance: then see previous option. If you can demonstrate value, people will pay the extra price for unlimited.
- Survey members and see what they like/want. Maybe it needs to be an extra 6:30pm class. Or a 7am class on those days in lieu of lunch.

You'll never know what works until you make a change, but measure the before and after effects.
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