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Re: 1 rm increases

Originally Posted by William Miller View Post
If this is right (and I am not saying it isn't because I have never tried 5/3/1), I need to get started yesterday. I am right at those numbers (just below on DL) and have never seen this much gain on any program I followed (after my initial gains). Are these really typical results from 5/3/1?
Yes and no.

If you are a beginner / intermediate lifter than yes very possible.

Just plan on no extra wod stuff for the most part and follow the plan. Lift right, eat right, sleep right, see results.

In 9 months of lifting I went from 205 bench to a 315 and only benched 2x a week while focusing mainly on squats and DL. I ate right and slept right and was 31 so age wasn't to much of a bad thing get.

I've put guys on 5/3/1 and seems great results in 6 months (60-80lb) increases with ease. Lots to be said about doing strength training right.

First fixing form helps a ton. Many of these guys had no clue how to really squat, bench or deadlift right. Their "maxes" were crushed when I taught them right form. But after 6 months of doing them weekly and right they saw huge gains because they knew how to do it right.

In 2 weeks I saw a guys deadlift go from 350 to 445. It was all form. He had strength but no form or technique. Taught him how to do it correctly and the weight flew off the ground. Amazing what a deadlift vs a hunchback lift is like.
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