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Hi Rick,

A quick google search indicated that the power rack you're looking at goes for about $390. Is this right? You could save yourself some cash/accelerate your home gym progress by doing some relatively easy home projects:

1. The pull-up bar in this video ( was made for less than $60 IIRC. Materials included 1.5" pipe, a 2x4 and some wood screws.

2. Homemade rings ( go for around $20 IIRC.

So far this gives you the pull-up and dip options without taking up hardly any space. Take the $310 you saved from not buying the power rack and get 2 4'x6' 3/4" stall mats (about $40 each) at the nearest Farm & Fleet or equivalent. The remaining $230 can be used to start building your bumper plate collection (looks like you can get a pair of 10s, 25s, and 35s for about $296 from Gill, BEFORE the CrossFit discount and shipping).

IMO, the power rack simply isn't worth it - takes up too much floor space, it will rock during kipping pull-ups (unless weighted down) and IS NOT a cool place to be O-lifting in.

The squat stands are OK, but aren't a high priority item compared to the other stuff. They can be homemade (, but if you want to save up for the real ones, you can always practice your deadlifts, Steinborn squats, squat cleans, etc. until you get them.

Almost forgot - Welcome to CrossFit.

Hope this helps,

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