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Ok here's what I have on paper: Your body (depending on muscle size and other factors) will have:
- 30g of glucose in the blood
- 90g of glycogen in the liver
- 350-400g of glycogen stored in muscles

so all in all you have at full stores about 500+g of glycogen availble to I said...very rough numbers. in determining how many carbs one does need per day for bodily functions and maximum muscle glycogen replenishment, we look at different workouts and their affect:

Brain (Glucose hog) needs like @30g per day to function I believe

Now for workouts....I guess it all depends on the type and duration, so for arguments sake lets go with:
a) traditional long distance for 60min (aka a 10k)
b) HIT Metcon workout Crossfit (20 or so min)
c) ME style workout doing sets of 5reps or lower (45min)
d) Old fashioned RE style (body building) with sets of 8-12.

What is the glycogen deficit for each of those types of activities? (so you can know how much g of carbs you need for maximum glycogen replenishment)

Now if you are a fat burning machine (switched the metabolism around), how do those numbers now change in comparison to before? (Do you now burn more fat than glycogen)

In other words...really how many carbs does one need per day for optimal body and muscle recovery depending on their style of training?
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