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Re: What to avoid with torn ACL (surgery not an option - now)

Maryanne, based on what you have said the recommendations Dan and Corey have made are right on track. I would also focus on single leg exercises, multi angle lunges, and don't forget the gastrocnemius (calf) work.

The only issue with not having surgery, and you should explain this to your physician as well as your insurance provider, the wear and tear on you knee is significantly increased and it is likely you will have issues in the future.

This is only a suggestion to your DR. and insurance company. Talking from personal and professional experience osteoarthritis is more of a use it or loose issue. What i mean by that is if you remain active, perform full ROM squats, WOD activities, stay mobile your "arthritic" knee should be relatively asymptomatic. I have what would be considered a clinically unstable knee from an injury when I was in high school, torn meniscus and MCL with partially torn ACL. I had some issues with knee pain due to an increase in running activities, had an ortho look at my knee and tell me if I kept it up I would be seeing him in a year for surgery to "clean up" my knee. Well 8 years later and avoiding the typical knee saving suggestions I learned in PT school and the Ortho gave me my knees feel better than ever.

Use pain and inflammation as your guide, you can be a high level athlete without an ACL if you are functionally stable. John Elway and Thurman Thomas to name a few professional athletes had very good careers in the NFL without ACLs.
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