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Re: What to avoid with torn ACL (surgery not an option - now)

Hey Maryanne,

Just chiming in as a Certified Athletic Trainer. Corey is definitely on the right track, particularly with the function of the ACL. If surgery is not an option, then continue with those closed-chain exercises.

The main thing you would want to strengthen is your posterior chain (glutes, hams, gastroc), particularly the hamstrings. If you notice the origin and insertion points of the hamstring muscles, both the semimembranosus and semitendinosus originate off the ischeal tuberosity (butt bone) and insert on the anterior part of your tibia. Because muscles pull insertion toward origin, these will almost act like an makeshift ACL to help keep your knee in a stable position.

Again, this is if it is that active leg. If not, this posterior chain training can certainly help, but you still won't be providing that feedback to your brain, so it won't be quite as effective.

So basically, Crossfit can provide this, and more, if done under the right conditions and supervision.

Hope that helped!

....Oh yeah, first post
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