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Re: What to avoid with torn ACL (surgery not an option - now)


Thankfully, I rarely have issues. Every blue moon, the knee will just slide on me for no apparent reason. (Even more rarely it will do so when I have a bonehead moment and try to do something like jump over a fence or see how low I can go under a pole with a back bend at a party. I won't try that again.) It bothered me a little when I started running on a treadmill, but buying the right shoe seemed to fix that. I can actually do some dancing, as in salsa not ballet, as long as I'm careful and don't do any really quick turns. I'm really amazed that your professor can play basketball without an ACL, though. That would be a certifiable bonehead moment for me. I would definitely have a problem with that one.

It's interesting what you say about doing the "closed-chain" exercises. When I decided to start with CrossFit in September, I stopped doing the muscle-specific exercises (leg xtns, decline squat, ham curls, etc.). I have been wondering about whether or not I need to incorporate some of those in as supplemental exercises. I will keep at what I'm doing and see how that goes.

BTW, I think it was the split jerk (jerk into a lunge-stance landing?) that caused my knee to slide. (I watched 12/7's demo on the Main page, and I realize that the jerk by itself shouldn't be an issue.) My knee does its trick when it is the "passive" leg in the lunge. If split jerks come up, I will probably just modify them to lunges without the jerk.

Thanks again!
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