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Re: What to avoid with torn ACL (surgery not an option - now)

As it was described to me by my doctor, you can do anything that doesn't cause too much pain, but until you get surgery you'll have a "trick knee"...some days nothing could go wrong, but others it could act up and give out on you. I've also heard, "there's nothing left to mess up", but with the MCL, PCL, etc. I don't know how true that statement really is.

Before I had my surgery (less than 2 weeks ago) I was doing everything for CrossFit workouts with little to no problems (with reduced loads)...and then the week before surgery during Filthy 50 I was doing Burpees and my knee gave out.

I would get a second opinion or find a way to get the surgery done sooner rather than later, especially at 24. Possibly try and find a doctor that works with sports teams who understands your need to return to activity (that's what I did).
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