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What to avoid with torn ACL (surgery not an option - now)

Hello All!

I started working out consistently last January to prepare for an ACL reconstruction. The history is that I tore my left ACL (no meniscus damage - light MCL collateral damage) about 10 years while skiing overseas. For some reason, the dr.'s I saw didn't think a 24-year old would really need an ACL, so I was not approved for surgery. (Can you believe it???!!! This is why I am not a fan of socialized medicine.)

Anyways, my insurance company resurrected a rider, and I was not able to go through with the surgery earlier this year. However, I really enjoy working out - and working out hard. I discovered CrossFit and started following RX'ed WODs in September.

Because I danced for numerous years, I have pretty strong quads and calves. My hamstrings are getting stronger. Therefore, I am able to do a lot of exercises that people think I shouldn't be able to do. However, I have noticed that a few exercises seem to exert some torque on my knee - it doesn't feel too good (and can't be good for my knee).

What exercises in the CrossFit repertoire should I avoid?

Based on what I have felt - I am doing static lunges instead of jerks. (I know that it doesn't get the same power from momentum, but anyone who has had an ACL injury will know the nauseating feeling that you get when your knee quivers. I felt that - I know the feeling is a warning for me.) I also felt some torque jumping down from a box jump.

Any advice?

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