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Ulnar Nerve Lesion

Got a diagnosis of ulnar nerve snapping and lesion from orthopedic doctor. I get numbness in pinkie and ring finger with bent arm positions after 10-20 minutes.

General orthopedic doctor recommended surgery. Sent me to a hand specialist who said if the numbness is decreasing then surgery is not necessary, if it increases then he suggests surgery. Nerve test was unremarkable. Neither doctor recommended physical therapy. General orthopedic said it doesn't correct the problem.

I have a history of tendinosis in both elbows. My PT involved lying tricep extensions with 10 lbs, 40 reps per day for 2 months. Then I waited a year to get back to the gym, then increased loads 10 lbs per 2 weeks as recommended by orthopedic doctor. I did a workout with 150 lb bench press and felt tingling and pain in the elbows hours later. More tingling and pain followed for the next 3 months. Ultrasound showed "nerve" from the doctor's comments. Also had pain in the fingers for 2-3 months after massaging my tight shins.

I want to get back to the gym and did a lot of stretching and myofascial release work. Haven't tried nerve flossing yet. My form during my last gym 150 lb workout was sloppy. I started to do 10 sets of 10 pushup workouts at home, every 3 days. This time with strict form where I twist arms into the floor on the way down and stretch floor sideways on the way up to make sure muscles are turned on. There is sometimes very subtle tingling the next day.

I want to avoid surgery and am looking for advice on avoiding tendon and nerve damage with increased intensity workouts. My orthopedic doctor said bench press with my condition should limit the range of motion, bar should stop around 5 inches from chest.

What other form tricks should be followed? What kind of routine should I follow? How many days a week, how many reps, sets per workout would be optimal to repair the damage?

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