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Re: Preparing for first comp

I'm in the same boat as you. My first competition is August 16th. They haven't posted any official wods yet but the other day they posted this prison rules work out on the competition Facebook page
"Prison Rules"
AMRAP4 min
E:15 2-3 Power Snatch 135/95 rest 1 min
AMRAP4 min
E:15 2-3 C&J 135/95 rest 1 min
AMRAP4 min
E:15 2-3 Thruster 135/95 rest 1 min

THE C&J and the thrusters don't worry me as much as the snatches. it's my biggest olypmic lift weakness. I have been trying to prepare by doing different types of sets. 8 sets of 3 increasing weight every 2 sets with the last 2 sets at 95% max. Or 5 sets of 5 at a moderately heavy weight or 30 reps for time.
I am not 100% what's the best but I have been trying to stay heavy with strength training and then trusting the cardio I get from my wods to get my through any high rep low weight workouts.
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