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Re: Heel spur (suspected), plantar fasciitis and minimal shoes

When doctors and therapists are talking about spurs, plantar fasciitis, etc interchangeably you KNOW (yes, even if they are podiatrists) that they are running on outdated information. Tom Michaud is a chiropractor who is one of the world's leading experts in lower extremity biomechanics and this article represents the state of the art on functional heel pain. For info only, doesn't replace an exam or doctor's opinion, of course.

The thought process that pain comes from spurs and spurs come from over-tight plantar fascia is old school thinking and it misses the mark for where the problem is coming from and what to do about it. The above article is pretty advanced, but print it and give it to your podiatrist or anyone else who is dealing with your feet and help get them caught up to speed on what the research is showing...
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