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Re: Heel spur (suspected), plantar fasciitis and minimal shoes

I did the minimalist running thing as well and I'm still into it actually. I went through a similar injury involving plantar fasciitis. My doc gave me a boot to wear at night with a sock shoved under the ball of my foot for when it acts up and said to do the frozen water bottle / medicine ball exercises when I watch tv or whatever. A few weeks of that and I was good to go.

I still wear minimalist shoes but with slightly more cushion. I wear Inov-8 shoes and I've found that the two arrow version of them are great for me. I think its hard for your body when you've been wearing the super soled shoes your entire life and you transition to minimalist running.

Take a couple of weeks off, do the exercises, and ease back into it. I recommend those shoes as well. I run marathons and half marathons in them and my feet feel fine afterwards. Good luck.
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