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Heel spur (suspected), plantar fasciitis and minimal shoes

Hey all- I transitioned to Merrill minimalist shoes about 4-5 months ago and love them. Didn't have any soreness issues at all during the transition and no issues since. Last week, we did a tough running WOD (I suck at running) and I came away with some heel pain. Didn't think much of it, and it would improve after walking on it, so I assumed I had a strained muscle and just took it kind of easy. The WODs we had done in the meantime were mostly lifting, and even doing a 1RM front squat with lots of weight in my heels didn't seem to aggravate it. I mentioned it to my trainer on Friday to see if he had any other suggestions as the pain wasn't going away as easily and I was also having some tightness/muscle pain in that calf and he brought up PF (don't know why I didn't think of it before- too busy I guess). Looked it up online, sounded pretty consistent with what I was dealing with. Started rolling it on a lacrosse ball and did the same with my calf. It felt better after rolling it out, but still had some pain.

Saw my PA today (my dad) and after exam, he's pretty certain I have a heel spur, plantar fasciitis as well as a strain/sprain in my calf. We discussed the typical recommendations and I asked about my minimalist shoes when he suggested some heel cups for awhile. We talked about why I bought the shoes and the concept of barefoot running and he kinda rolled his eyes and said I need to wear shoes with more support from here on out whenever I run.

I did a search on here, but no one really mentions the shoes when discussing heel spurs. For now, my plan is to do the stretches, rolling with a frozen water bottle, wearing shoes with more cushioning (+/- heel cups) and resting from running. Any thoughts on whether I can transition back to the minimalist shoes when I get the pain under control? I'm aware this can be a long term issue and won't be an easy fix, and I can live with some pain as long as I'm not causing permanent damage to my foot. Thoughts? (And if the pain doesn't improve in the next few weeks I'll likely go see my doctor for x-rays to get an actual diagnosis)
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