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Goruck Challenge-Key West 1/07

Trying to spread the word about an amazing experience that perfectly suits any crossfitter! Goruck Challenge is coming to Key West


Inspired by the most elite training offered to Special Forces soldiers and led by Green Berets, the GORUCK Challenge is a team event and never a race. Challenge cadre build each class into a team through collective conditions of mental and physical exhaustion. Classes are small, camaraderie is high, smiles are plentiful, and teamwork is paramount.

I Goruck Challenge St Augustine last year, it was by far one of the best, most rewarding experiences of my life, I was class 007, they are in the 70's! Lots of Crossfit gyms are training for it and doing it together, I had 6 people with me from my gym, which made the experience even better..

There's lots of other challenges in other cities and even other countries if Key West isnt close to you...Check out the site, and there are some great videos on youtube.
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